Your property is in the safest hands.

We are here to ensure you enjoy your second home in Barcelona without any hassle or paperwork.

My name is Núria and I am the CEO of VenturaMeyer.

Do you know what I like most about my job?

When I was little, my father, an architect, took me to his building sites and explained the plans and how the buildings he was constructing functioned. He would tell me about the problems and how they were solved.

But it wasn’t the beams and walls that caught my attention, it was the knowledge that soon that place would be someone’s home, that I would live there, eat there, laugh there, and my father, with his problem-solving mind, made that possible.

He wanted to be part of it all. To offer solutions to the problems that arose and to see the relief on people’s faces when they discovered that everything had been fixed. That explains how I ended up doing this.

Being able to offer relief, reassurance and peace of mind gives me great satisfaction and is my favourite part of my job.

I am Núria de Ventura Meyer, daughter of a Spanish/Catalan father and a German mother. I have a degree in International Business and a postgraduate degree as a Real Estate Agent.

I am a curious person, so I ended up doing several exchanges and studying in Switzerland and Mexico, which led me to master five languages (German, Spanish, Catalan, English, and French) and to learn deeply about German and Spanish business cultures.

I have been living and working in Barcelona for many years and have been managing properties for over seven years.

If you have come this far, I am going to reveal some facts that very few people know about me:

I am a mix of cultures and diverse knowledge, allowing me to offer a first-class service to my clients.

What else would you expect from the daughter of an architect and an interior designer with perfectionist tendencies and a passion for problem-solving?

I have been around buildings, constructions and property owners all my life.

That’s why it was no surprise when I decided to do a postgraduate degree as an estate agent or start my own property management company.

I have been making life easier for my clients for over seven years, and today, I can say that I am increasingly falling in love with my profession. There hasn’t been a dull day, or I haven’t encountered a problem that requires a creative solution.

They say to love your life, you must love what you do, and I couldn’t agree more.

I would add that you love what you do even more when you see the impact it has on the lives of others.

To be able to see my clients feel safe entrusting their property in my hands, to see their investments prosper, makes me love what I do even more, and with that, life.

The ham had better be Serrano ham.

When I lived in Switzerland, I missed Serrano ham so much that I asked everyone to bring me some when they visited.

My favourite place in Barcelona is the Bunkers del Carmel viewpoint.

Because from there you can see most of Barcelona’s buildings.

I have an elder sister.

I have an elder sister who has become my best friend and supported me in the first weeks of being a new mother.

I love solving problems.

Maths was one of my favourite subjects after all.

I love organisation. 

Managing and organising time, tasks and people is the second favourite part of my job.

You deserve to enjoy your second home without worrying about anything else. So if you’re looking for a companion on this journey, take my hand.

If you have come this far, I am going to reveal some facts that very few people know about me: