What is property maintenance and why should it matter for your property?

Property maintenance is the process of preserving a property by maintaining the building and the surroundings. It has the mission to maintain the value of a property, organizing all aspects of the property's operation and care.
property maintenance mantenimiento de propiedades

One of the most important aspects of buying a second residence is thinking about what to do with it next. This is where property maintenance comes of help, as it’s key for these reasons:

1. Property maintenance helps you protect the property from damages.

Irregular maintenance or neglected repairs may cost you more in the future if you ignore them in the present. If things are maintained, they won’t get to breaking point so you won’t need expensive emergency repairs. It’s a win-win situation.

2. Property preservation helps you increase your property value.

Poorly done maintenance could make your property lose value in time. By hiring a professional property maintenance service you make sure the value never decreases.

3. Taking care of the maintenance helps you save money in the long run.

Letting things get damaged could mean you will have to take care of more repairs in the long run. Which could lead you to spend more than budgeted on emergency repairs.

4. Having the maintenance of the building as a priority helps you avoid liabilities.

Performing property care and conservation tasks on a regular basis will help you avoid potential accidents and incidents. Which means no lawsuits in sight and giving you peace of mind.

What types of property c exist?

Regular maintenance

This type of maintenance is usually planned ahead of time to prevent the property from future damages. Cleaning, painting, heating, ventilation are some of the tasks included and it prevents sometimes the need of emergency maintenance.

Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance doesn’t imply the need for emergency repairs as it’s usually related to low priority repairs. Tasks that are important as it inconveniences people, but are not as urgent as others.

Preventive maintenance

The preventive maintenance intends to avoid reaching the point of needing emergency maintenance, by taking care of repairs beforehand. 

Emergency maintenance

Emergency maintenance covers all issues and repairs that need to be handled as soon as possible, as they could end up costing you more time. 

Investment maintenance

This type of maintenance is the planned replacement of any item in the property that could lead to the property depreciating in value.

Seasonal maintenance

As its name says, seasonal maintenance is taking care of all the needs related to a specific season.

What activities do property care include?

As we said before, property care and preservation is essential for keeping a building functional and protecting it from future damage. Some of the activities are:

  • Cleaning of the property areas.
  • Managing repairs.
  • Replacement of mechanical and electrical systems.
  • Safety checks with routine inspections.
  • Short and long-term budgets.
  • Optimization of operating costs.
  • Hiring professional people to take care of specialized tasks.

Property maintenance is one of the services offered by property management companies and it has many benefits for your property.

Do you need a property manager to take care of your maintenance and repairs? Contact us.

Do you need a property manager to take care of your maintenance and repairs?