What is the NIF number in Spain and how to get it?

nif number

If you’re planning to buy a property in Spain or you’re planning to move to Barcelona or any other Spanish cities, you might need a NIF number, a Spanish tax identification number.

What is the tax identification number?

The NIF number is the numerical ID for a natural person or a legal person needed in case of any administrative proceedings in Spain. Any foreign natural or legal person in Spain is entitled to the Spanish NIF numbers.

The tax identification number of natural persons of Spanish nationality will be their Spanish National ID (DNI). For those who are not Spanish nationals, it will be the Foreigners’ Identity Number (NIE).

There’s 4 types of NIF numbers:

  • Assigned to Spanish nationals living abroad and without a DNI.
  • Assigned to foreign national without a NIE (identification number for foreigners).
  • Assigned to foreign nationals with NIE.
  • Assigned a NIF to a legal person or foreign entities.

Who needs a tax identification number in Spain?

A NIF number is a must for any person that wants to participate in any type of economic or financial activity in Spain. This number will identify you against the Spanish tTax agency and allow you to carry out specific legal proceedings as self-employing, invoicing, or purchasing a house in the country.

If you want to set up a company in Spain you might need a CIF number, a tax identification number that identifies a company or legal entity in Spain. 

What is the CIF number?

This is the tax ID for all Spanish companies and it consists of a letter followed by eight digits. The letter represents the type of company (e.g., Ltd company). This number also serves as a Spanish VAT number.

How to get your NIF number?

There are 4 ways of applying for the NIF number in case you need it.

  1. If you’re living in Spain, go to a processing office of a local police station. There they can start to help you with this administrative proceeding.
  2. If you need to apply for the CIF for your company, you should go to the provincial tax office and apply there.
  1. If you’re living abroad, go to a Spanish embassy or consulate and apply for the NIF number there.
  2. Authorize a Spanish resident holding power of attorney to represent you.

What do you need to get your NIF number?

  • Complete the 030 application form (available from the processing office).


  • A valid ID or a passport.
  • Document proving the residency.
  • Proof of power of attorney in case the application is made by a third party.

What do you need to get your CIF number?

  • Complete the 036 application form (available from the processing office).
  • Document certifying the existence of the company with proof of the company’s legal name, address, nationality, registration date. 
  • A valid ID of the company representative making the application
  • Home address, email and phone number of each partner.
  • Copies of the partners’ valid passports.
  • Proof of partners’ NIE.

Do you need help to get your NIF number? Contact us.

Do you need help to get your NIF number?