Why should you live in Barcelona?

We’ve been asked on more than one occasion by our clients: “Is Barcelona a good place to live in?”. We were surprised by the question so we decided to share with you the answer, in case you’ve been also wondering.
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Perks of living in Barcelona

Are you thinking about getting a second home in Barcelona or maybe move there? In this guide we’ll show you the perks of living in Barcelona, one of the most beautiful cities of Europe.

Barcelona is the whole package: it has the charms of a big city combined with the fun of the beach and the deliciousness of Mediterranean cuisine. 

¿Why should you choose to live in Barcelona?

Pros of living in Barcelona


Nightlife in Barcelona has nothing to envy other cities as you can find restaurants, pubs and clubs open late at night. You can also find a great selection of international cuisine and many other activities to do in your free time.


The weather is one of the most important attractions of Barcelona. The temperatures never get very cold, rain is unusual and even in winter, it rarely goes below 9°C.

Close to beaches

Barcelona has its beautiful beaches that will allow you to enjoy summer at fullest. Also, if you get out of Barcelona, Costa Brava is full of amazing views and chiringuitos, the typical Spanish beach bar. Imagine the fun you’ll have in Summer.

Great place for internationals

As one of the well known international cities, Barcelona has a great percentage of foreigners. With a great quality of life, beautiful surroundings, you can both enjoy nature and technology at the same time.

Tech Hub

If you’re working in tech, you’re going to love Barcelona as it has one of the greatest technological hubs of Europe. Some of the greatest health and deep tech found their way to Barcelona.

Family friendly

Barcelona has many places for families (parks, activities), great International schools and lots of spaces for pet owners. So, if you have kids or canine friends, you can choose Barcelona freely.

Great place for sports loves

If you’re into cycling or surfing or any other sport, Barcelona gives you the chance to enjoy your hobbies as it has spaces dedicated to this.

It has mountains

If you’re not a big fan of beaches, no worries! Barcelona is also surrounded by mountains and, if you love hiking, you can go visit a lot of hiking places nearby.

Cons of living in Barcelona

Barcelona has its perks but also there’s some things to take in consideration before choosing it as your second home.

City full of tourists

If you were to choose the center of the city, you’ll probably find yourself surrounded by tourists in summer. If this doesn’t bother you, Barcelona is a great place to make friends from around the world.

Higher cost of living

Barcelona is a little bit pricier than the south of Spain, as any big city would be.

These are the perks and cons of living in Barcelona.

Are you planning to buy a second home here and are you in need of property management? Contact us and we’ll help you.

Are you planning to buy a second home here and are you in need of property management?